“Creativity is a secondary expression. The primary expression is living.”

-Arthur Koestler

Yesterday I removed the elastic from the waistband of a dress and instantly felt cooler, breezier, lighter, airier.
Lesson learned: In Yuma, Arizona, when it is 110 degrees out, your boobs will sweat. The sweat drips down your stomach and pools at a fitted waistband. There are a few solutions to this uncomfortable problem:
1. A Jane Austen-style Empire waist feels comfortable because it prevents boob sweat from ever getting past the boobs. Below the Empire waistline, all is free-flowing and airy.
2. Tight-fitting is okay as long as it fits tight across the entire bodice, thus absorbing sweat instead of allowing it to drip.
3. Polyester lining feels gross and sweaty.
4. Cotton (woven) feels cool enough, and cotton (knit) works too.


I made a dress! I’ve made this dress before. It looked like this: The first time I made it, I didn’t understand that I needed to add seam allowance to the pattern pieces. (It was a BurdaStyle pattern and they don’t put seam allowance.) The dress ended up being so tiny that I was able…

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