I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the person or persons who donated another year’s subscription to WordPress so that I could run this blog for another year!!!
This person has chosen to remain anonymous,
but I’m pretty sure I know who it is,
and I’d like to tell you a cool story about the person I *think* generously gave me another year to work on this site….

When I was in fashion-design school,
we ran an auction to raise funds for our runway show graduation project,
and we contacted local businesses to procure auction donations.
I contacted my favorite local fabric/sewing store, Pacific Fabrics,
via email.
I received an email back from a nice lady let’s call her “Annie,”
who agreed to donate some items to us.
At the end of her email,
she added a question.
She asked if I by any chance was related to Vicky or Mark.
Those are my parents!
I asked her how she knew my parents,
or knew who I was.
She said she had known me since I was a baby!
She had gone to church with my parents before I was even born!
Since then,
we’ve followed each other on Facebook and Instagram,
and stay in touch.
Any time I’ve needed help with something
and posted on Facebook about it,
she has offered to pray for me and my request.
And wouldn’t you believe it,
every time Annie has prayed for me,
my request has been resolved in the best possible way.
Her prayers are powerful!
I never could have predicted I would have a friend who has known me from my beginning,
but she is a blessing in my life,
big time.
I know that the Universe and/or God meant for her to come back into my life,
at precisely a time when I was going through some major and difficult transitions.
She has been in my life during the hardest years I’ve ever known,
and now that I’ve come out the other end
I marvel at just how lucky I was that she appeared at the perfect time.

Anyway, I believe Annie is the person who renewed my subscription,
and again, as so many times before,
I am grateful to her
and to her husband
for their generosity and kindness and compassion.
It is wonderful to know I have such a powerful prayer-warrior in my corner.

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