a grown-up lamp, and planning a home


Last weekend was the one-year anniversary of moving into our Belltown condo. Since we’ve moved in, we haven’t done any home decor,
partly because we were saving up our Rainy Day fund again
(used it on the down payment),
and partly because I wanted to let the home speak to me for a year and tell me what it wants.

It’s a much quieter home than our old condo.
Our old condo was in so much need of care,
it was practically shouting at me what it wanted.
Now I have to be better at listening,
because this condo is also quite nice.
It doesn’t demand improvements,
it just quietly gives me suggestions for making it our own.
It’s much like every other unit in the building–nice, but generic.
So my job will be not so much to improve it,
but to make it reflect who we are, what we love.

I’ve started figuring it out on Pinterest.
I want the grays/blues/greens of the ocean,
because we have a small view of the sea.
Not beachy, not nautical, not shabby chic.


In the meantime, I earned store credit from modelling at Zulily,
so I bought some home stuff, including this blue/white chinoiserie lamp.

Deborah Needleman says every home ought to have one piece of blue/white chinoiserie.


Once I figured out a new spot for it, the lonely corner of our living room where nobody ever sits now feels more like a little sitting area.

We recently looked at our funds and are going to start slowly funneling money into home decor for the first time since we’ve moved.
In the meantime, I’ll continue to document small changes to our home, in the quest for our own perfectly imperfect home.


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