sweet meg


On a recent Saturday morning I walked to Local 360 to meet up with Meg White, a Seattle blogger, knitter, and stitcher extraordinaire. I had a fabulous time with her! She was friendly, full of great information, and extremely helpful. Before we parted, we set a sewing date. She’s going to teach me how to make leggings!

She also told me about the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard. I was already pretty certain NYFA is the place I’ll take some classes when I save up some cash, but her opinion put me over the top. She said the classes are flexible, the instructors are great, and that she has learned a lot. I might take my first class as early as this summer!

She also gave me an UH-MAZING list of blogs she reads, including some local Seattle blogs. I have searched for “Seattle sewing blogs” many a-time, but to little avail. Now I’ve got so many I haven’t even had time to check them all out! For a fabulous list of Seattle blogs, check out this page from one of Meg’s recs, Sew Well. Many of Meg’s other recs are also now included in my blogroll. Have fun checking out all of their fabulous work!

Thanks so much, Meg, for all your sharing. Can’t wait to get together soon! I’ve already been looking at legging knits on Mood.


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