blackthumb: mint, chives, and sage

I had a bounty of herbs in the last few weeks, despite a very shady summer, so I put them out for our neighbors to grab! I put out a little sign, and tied each bundle of herbs with Bakers Twine.

Of all the herbs I’ve tried to grow this summer, the best ones for a black-thumb like me have been the chives, hands-down. They started to look a little sickly once, earlier in the summer, so I cut them all back leaving only about an inch above the soil, and now they’ve exploded back stronger than before. I have a feeling if I kept cutting them, they would get stronger every time. I read in Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces that chives are virtually indestructible, which is perfect for a gardener like me

And so dang tasty! On Saturday mornings when we’re making eggs, I cut a bunch off and then scissor-slice them directly into the egg mixture. We have yet to try them on baked potatoes, but I can’t wait!

For the sign, I used my handy-dandy, rusty-trusty Cavallini ABC Alphabet Lowercase Set of 26 Stamps in Tin w Ink Pad


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