the quarter-inch press: pajama pants

I made my own pajama bottoms!

The dialogue boxes say “Zzzzzz” on them, perfect for sleepy-time! The material is a nice soft flannel.

They have a drawstring, which is the only regret I have with this project. I originally intended to make these for my husband, hence the masculine and chunky string I picked out. In a surprise twist of events, he wanted me to make them for myself (what kind of man doesn’t want his wife to make somewhat girly pajama bottoms for him that have Zzzzz’s all over them?!). It turns out the string is quite thick and sometimes even hurts me if I tie it in a bow and then accidentally roll over it in my sleep (stomach sleeper). In hindsight, I would use twill tape. In fact, I could go purchase some twill tape today and replace it out, but I’m too dang lazy!

The other slight problem is that the legs are quite wide and roomy. Many of the projects in my Sew Everything Workshop book  tend to come out a bit off in the sizing, but I’m learning to compensate. If When I make these pants again, I’ll be slimming down the leg a bit. I’m psyched to make some winter versions of these pants in some adorable flannels I found at QuiltWorks Northwest. Or even fleece! Or some summer versions in light cotton prints. And I think I’ll assign this project to my sewing club kids, since it’s fairly simple.

The best part is, these pants have been put to the test in cold weather conditions and have held up better than some of my store-bought pajama pants! I took these to the Hoh rainforest for a week-long camp with my students, and I took them to Scotland for what was the coldest, dampest summer weather I’ve ever experienced (even compared to Seattle!) and they were perfectly toasty.

Maybe I’ll sell these someday if I get my act together? Do people want to buy hand-made pajama bottoms? Maybe if I got a bit more creative and did a different contrasting fabric for the hems or something…


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