pick-up sticks: DIY tutorial

Here’s another back-to-school project I made for my kids when they’re stuck inside for Rainy Day Recess. I’m particularly proud of this project because I made it up myself (without the help of the internets)! The entire project was made from materials I already had: a whiskey tin from our trip to Edinburgh last year (SHH! don’t tell the kids!), a can of pale pink spray-paint I used for a school art project last year, and wooden skewers from our kitchen (like the kind you would use for shishkebabs). 

1. Spray-paint your tin (a tall slender jar would work too). I did several coats.
2. Cut wooden skewers to desired length so they fit inside the tin. I just used a regular pair of scissors.
3. Color the ends of the sticks with regular old markers. I made sticks in the following colors: 
1 black
7 reds
7 blues
8 greens
7 yellows
4. Put a label on the tin showing the point values for each color stick. 
Black = 25 pts
Red = 10 pts
Blue = 5 pts
Green = 2 pts
Yellow = 1 pt
5. Give it to the kids and see how it goes! I loved Pick-Up Sticks when I was a kid; my grandparents had the old-school black tin, and I have fond memories of playing it in their basement whenever I visited. 

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