susie homemaker: more entryway tweaking

In my continued (and never-to-be-finished) quest for perfection in our small entryway, I bought a mirror from IKEA and hung it on the wall that is behind our front door. The wall looked sort of sad and oppressive. Too much uninterrupted brown. I’m trying to brighten things up more.

I’m happier with the wall now! Although I’m still going to tweak and have more adventures with it. The curtain is IKEA, the mirror is IKEA, the bench is IKEA, and the cabinet is IKEA. I don’t want the room to look like an IKEA room. So…I think I’m going to decoupage the mirror/curtain wall with music sheets and book pages, a la Watson Kennedy

After I put the mirror up, I FINALLY got around to hemming a curtain we bought like at least a year ago, to put in our laundry room doorway. It’s been pooling on the floor, picking up God-knows-what kind of dirtiness. I cut off quite a bit of fabric, hemmed the sucker, and feel much better with how it looks!

I realized I had quite a bit of left-over fabric from the hem-job, so I made a runner for the white cabinet. It softens the room a bit; fabric is ALWAYS a good idea, in my opinion. I only wish I’d had enough left over to make a little cushion for the little bench/stool, but I can use a different fabric someday.

Next tweaks in the entryway: spray-paint brown picture ledge white, and possibly paint the rug? It gets too dirty too easily, and since it’s pale it shows everything. 

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