the quarter-inch press: “fifi” pom pom cowl

Happy Bastille Day! Er—it’s a little late for that. But it’s never too late to wear something that makes you feel French! I’m going to use the left-over scraps of my Anna Maria Horner “Pastry” saffron fabric (left over from my “Fifi” gathered skirt) to make a cowl, a la Purl Bee’s light and airy confection, or if there’s not enough fabric for that, some sort of scarf. A light summer scarf to add a little saffron to my day—and who couldn’t use a little more saffron in their day? Amen.

I used some tiny little white pom-pom trim on the hem of my Fifi skirt, and felt that some bigger white poms would be apropos on a scarf. So I went back to the fabric store and bought two yards. I just love pom-pom trim! It’s fun, playful, and girly.

Now to figure out how to make the darn thing. Results will be posted soon sooner or later. 

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