the blundering chef: what we’ll be serving for 4th of july

For the first time in FIVE MONTHS, the Blundering Chef timidly ventures back into the kitchen! After our major bathroom remodel, we are feeling fat and sticky from eating out every night practically. When we did eat at home, it was all the Blundering Chef could do to drag herself to the pantry for a box of Mac and Cheese (Annie’s, natch, but still).

Our sister and her fiancee have invited us over for 4th of July fireworks—they live right on Lake Washington, perfect view!—so we will be bringing over the following items:

1. Our “famous” sangria: super easy!

2. Thyme and Lime Lemonade: with thyme from our own window-box herb garden!

3. Flaky Tomato and Mozzarella Tart

4. A tried and true crowd-pleaser: Mint Chip Ice Cream Pie

(The Blundering Chef feels it is a little sad in Seattle to make lemonade and ice cream pie when it’s oh, say, negative 20 degrees outside. Okay, maybe it’s 60, but it feels like Siberia.)

All of these recipes are courtesy of Real Simple! The Blundering Chef does not do improvisation.

Happy Independence Day! 

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