the quarter-inch press: rolled hem handkerchiefs

For the long flights to Edinburgh in August, I packed a very portable hand-sewing project to keep myself crafty while travelling. In a little pouch, I put some 12×12 pieces of fabric, threads to match, a little tube of needles, and a pair of foldable travel scissors. 

I was very nervous that my favorite little pair of scissors would be confiscated at the airport when they checked my bags. However, the scissors made it through without an eyebrow raised, and I later found out tiny scissors are allowed! Otherwise, I was prepared to cut threads with my teeth.

While listening to mediocre movies, I happily stitched rolled-hem handkerchiefs all the way from Seattle to Newark, and from there to Edinburgh. I continued to stitch in the evenings in Scotland a little bit before bedtimes, and finished enough hankies for me, my hubby, and my sister to carry them around in our pockets. At regular intervals, one of us would take out a hankie to blow our nose, and the rest of us would also pause for “hankie time.” Given that August in Edinburgh feels like November in Seattle, the hankies were very handy!

I made lots of pretty ones with cute cotton prints, and even some out of an old business shirt belonging to my hubby, but the best, softest ones are pictured here. I used some quilt backing scraps that feel like flannel, with a pale pink thread that is quite subtle.

As I worked away on these, my stitches got smaller and smaller, so this first one (pictured here) is not the best, but I’m very proud of all my hankies, and will post photos of the other ones soon!

A full tutorial for the hankies is over at The Purl Bee (oh how I love the Purl Bee!)

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