dining room accents

About half of our home decor was donated by my stepdad and his lovely second wife (whom I refer to as my “bonus mom”). When we were decorating our dining room, they gave us a beautiful chandelier, dining table, and set of four chairs and slipcovers they were no longer using.

The chairs are wicker, and we wanted something soft, so we leave them covered. The slipcovers were a neutral linen, and my bonus mom had lined the bottoms with a black gauzy fabric. I wanted a pop of red, though, so I sewed these skirts around the bottoms.

I love toile! I purchased this fabric from Calico Corners, and had some left over, so I also made a small table runner.


I forgot to mention, we had scheduled a party with friends and family, to celebrate the completion of the dining room. This fabric arrived only days before the party, and I didn’t have time to work on the project until the day of the party. About an hour before guests were scheduled to arrive, I was still working on the chair skirts. About five minutes before they started showing up, I had my machine on full speed to finish the runner. I was pretty impressed with my Project Runway-esque speed and calm under pressure. I was feeling pretty fierce.

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