Sleeve sloper pattern, round 1 of fitting/adjustmemt


Every now and then, I remember I’m not teaching anymore. This morning, it was the realization, “Huh, it’s Tuesday morning and I’m making pattern pieces.” What an incredible thing, to have time.

‘tower of pisa’ photography envelope in the shop!

068 069

I’ve got another envelope in the shop! This one reminds me of last summer. My hubby, my sister, her wife, and I went to Italy together. One of our stops was Venice, which happens to be not too far from Pisa. All over Venice, we noticed a preponderance of leaning towers. (I felt better about having previously crossed Pisa off our itinerary for lack of time/money.)

Now, being from Seattle, I know what happens when some fancy architect comes along and tries to build something tall and beautiful on a wetland. Venice is not really a land-mass, it’s a bunch of islands the size of city blocks. Every island had to have its own church, and every church had to have its own bell tower. So pretty much every few blocks there’s another tower, and it’s leaning.

Side-note: Beautiful moment…first morning in Venice…alone in courtyard…nearby bell tower starts tolling…then all the other towers on all the other islands join in. Magic.

new ‘psycho’ photography envelope in shop

061 063 064 065

Awhile back, I made a large batch of envelopes. I was obsessed, in fact. Some I made from pages of photography books, astronomy books, maps…envelopes galore!

This one is the first in my shop right now. Alfred Hitchcock on the front, and on the back is the foreground of the photo (bushes beneath the Psycho house).

braided calico bracelets are coming…


I started by ripping strips of Liberty of London (purchased from Dry Goods Design). I ripped instead of cutting because I wanted threads to hang out a little bit, to give the bracelets a handmade, casual, prairie-girl feel.

Then I spent two weeks braiding on the fainting sofa.
Watched a lot of Peaky Blinders,
and listened to a lot of Odesza.
A lot.


It was the first thing I started doing with my hands after my last day of teaching, and I felt I was braiding my life. Taming the tangles, pulling the cloth tight in my fingers, calming myself and the fabric together.

The fabric brings me into the moment, like an anchor string tied to my balloon head.


I’ll be putting up this bracelet, and about a dozen others,
in the CUP & PENNY shop for a Valentine’s Day Sale,
in the next few days.

i got a new thing


It’s a needle-felting tool, for felting down pieces of “moss” (mohair locks) onto my latest project.