cup & penny at pecha kucha

I will be giving a presentation tomorrow,

at the Nordic Heritage Museum,

as part of an event called Pecha Kucha,

where various presenters show 20 slides and talk about each slide for 20 seconds.

Intriguing format, yes?

Pecha Kucha vol.62 poster

If you live in the Seattle area, come check it out!

It’ll give you cool things to look at and think about.

like pulled taffy


I bought this for my sister, who knits,
for Christmas,
and only just now could I bear to send it off to her.


What if it wasn’t meant, after all, to be knitted into something?
What if it was meant to just be wrapped around my neck?


Finally, I did the right thing and sent it to her, and can’t wait to see what she does with it.
In the meantime, now I’ve got ideas for future cowl scarves,
tied with satin ribbons and worn as wintertime neckwear…

Why not? Who makes the fashion rules? We do.

If you love what you see,
support an awesome small business by checking out


blue bracelet with pearl nest


Working on a bracelet for a friend…

Did some meditative stitching on blue Italian silk,

then hand-stitched a strand of seed-pearls

in the shape of a nest.


sketching NYFA friends







30-second sketches

Fast Sketch class,
a Saturday morning,
dosing myself with caffeine.


The teacher instructs us to place a croquis under our paper.

Unsettling, he gives us each a pen instead of a pencil–

no erasing our mistakes.

He holds up a page torn from a clothing catalog.

“You have 30 seconds to draw this,” he says.



Quickly we learned to only draw one side of the garment.


Notes help, too.

007 011

The skill came in handy one morning shortly after I took the class.

I was walking past Hotel Andre and saw a woman wearing a very cool pair of leather leggings.

I popped into the hotel lobby,
and feverishly sketched the leggings before they slipped from memory.


By the way, if you haven’t checked out my Instagram, please do!
That’s where I post many of my sketches.

silver-“leafing” our bar

I am in the (slow) process of silver-leafing my bar.

Instead of using actual silver leaf,

which I understand to be very delicate

and very expensive (obvs),

I am using foil wrappers from chocolate bars.

Specifically, Theo’s chocolate bars, Seattle’s best in my opinion.


Mathilda approves, and wanted to be included in the photos.


(Isn’t she beautiful?)

I’ve now got 2/4 of the bar surfaces covered.

Check back here for photo updates on the project!

more jan van welzenis

welzenis 4

This one makes me think of vanilla ice cream
with jam mixed in.

welzenis 5

This one makes me think of a photo I took a couple months ago…


 welzenis 2

Someday I’ll design a ball-gown out of something thin/drapey/flowing,
in these colors.

welzenis 1

welzenis on my window

I bought art!

From a Dutch artist I follow on Tumblr,

Jan Van Welzenis.


He was very kind to sell it to me; I love it.

I decided to put the painting in a special spot.

When hubby and I moved in, there was a truck parked outside our dining room,

in the parking garage across the alley.

It was there for so long,

we thought it might have been abandoned.

It felt like it was part of our home;

at the very least, it was part of our view.

One day,
it was gone.

A small change

from the way things had been.

I missed it,

because it was a companion of sorts.

Taped in its place now

is the Van Welzenis.


Thank you, Mr. Van Welzenis, for this little piece of beauty.

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