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little black dress


Learning how to make designs into pattern pieces.

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sunsets and silk


More blurry shots in Manual…
playing with textures that will work well for apparel designs.

The shot above, and the one below,
are both the same sunset through the same tree.
But different textures and colors come through.

171 174

This was the view from our patio one evening in February.
It had been a windy day, and the seagulls floated on air for the entire afternoon.


I’m trying not to freak out about this shot.
I want it to be made of silk so I could make a summer halter.
I’m working on a Spoonflower design for it.
I have not yet gotten the hang of Spoonflower.
I think it’s time!

whoever did this, you’re amazing.


Outside Rudy’s Barbershop, Belltown

sometimes i look up and i can see the old bones of seattle



watercolors from 1st quarter


These were a couple more of my practice attempts at watercolor and illustration.

It’s interesting to look at my stuff a couple months later with distance from it.
It looks very…careful. Safe.

The purple I mixed for the peplum dress is too transparent.
But then again my tendency is always to paint colors on thick,
and I tried something different.


Here, I gave in to my bold color addiction,
but instantly the reason becomes apparent
why I shouldn’t use watercolors for boldness.
I over-apply it and it gets blotchy.

Watercolors, man!