we’ll jump, and we’ll see

I interviewed for the Fashion Design and Construction certificate program at the New York Fashion Academy! 18 months, comprehensive. I’m gonna learn so much stuff, aaaaack I’m so excited!

I sound like that comic strip Cathy. Before I get ahead of myself, technically I’m not in the program yet. I’ll find out mid-September. But I have a great feeling about it and I think I’m in. Between now and September I’m going to be talking about it and thinking about it as if I am in. Mental preparedness!

I’ll be doing my full-time teaching by day, classes 4 evenings a week and Saturdays. Intense! But I’m ready. I’m ready to learn and commit myself and chase a dream. I’ve always played it safe, just done one thing at a time, but it’s time to have a busy full life and pursue another thing I love and see what happens!

P.S. Thank you to Meg and ScooterPhoenix for encouraging and inspiring me to do this!

tim’s vermeer

Hubby and I recently watched this documentary, and I found it so inspiring that I keep telling all my loved ones about it! But first, watch the preview.

After we watched it, I seriously am planning to do some paintings using his technique! I think it would be so exciting to do some black/white paintings of photos I took in Italy, or to copy paintings I love and have paintings on my wall that have actual brush-strokes!

how cool are these???

Answer: Very cool!


I saw these collaged skirts in a dress museum in Milan. I’m pretty sure they were covered in some sort of contact paper?!


I love that it’s basically fabric made out of other scraps of fabric, and paper, and whatnot. I think the artist did a great job emphasizing a dominant color but also making the dominant color even more bright and bold by contrasting with pops of other color.


This one is my favorite because of the yellow yarn. It feels like something my 4th/5th graders could make–ooh, maybe I should do a Textiles class???–but also something I’d love to wear. I like how the yarn goes past the hemline.

Out of the entire dress museum, these were my favorite because they seem modern, wearable, beautiful, and do-able for those of us who like to DIY. They didn’t feel snobby. But they also don’t feel trashy, even though that is literally what they’re made out of. One designer’s scraps are another designer’s collaged skirt!

onwards and inwards


 I’ve printed the pattern for the slip I’m going to make that will go under my pink skirt.


I taped all the tiles together (piece 3 is for a different project and I discarded it).


And I cut out the pattern pieces! Next stop: cut my fabric.

I don’t know why, but cutting is one of those things I kind of dread and then when I do it it’s fine but there’s still that mental block and it’s dumb but it’s there. Any thoughts or advice for this?

bow for pink skirt


I made a bow for my pink skirt. It’s not completely what I wanted it to be, but I used what I had. I wanted a thicker bow, one that would really make a statement, but this will do in a pinch, since I only had thin scraps left. The best part is, it’s long enough to wrap around a couple times, which will cover up my skirt waistband, which is slightly too large for me.

Why is the waistband too large? I swear it wasn’t Seamstress Incompetence. When I measured my waist, I had just gotten back from my gut-busting trip to Italy, during which I consumed enough pasta/pizza/gelato/espresso/vino to gain several pounds (the exact number of pounds Shall Remain A Mystery). Back home on my SANE diet, which is basically a “DON’T CONSUME ITALIAN STUFF” diet, I have since lost some of that poundage and now the skirt waistband is too big.
*Whine whine, boo hoo, life is so hard!*

So. The belt covers up all that nonsense. Hooray for simple-minded solutions!

process pics for pink skirt


I’ve already finished this skirt, but I’m posting some process photos ‘cuz I know some of you like them! (I love process photos!)


I gathered the skirt very carefully this time, since my first several attempts at gathering have come out a bit bunchy in some places, not gathered at all in other places. I’m quite happy with the result! I also used somebody’s tip (sorry, can’t remember who left the comment!) to pin pin pin a ton. So that’s what I did! I pinned at least every inch. Then as I stitched, I let the gathers lay down towards me as they went under the presser foot. The result was good!

I ended up straying from tutorials and kind of doing this project from memory and in a way that made sense to me. This meant after I gathered the skirt, I stitched the waistband directly on, right sides together, then folded over the inside part of the waistband and top-stitched it to the inside gathers, making sure to catch all the gathers in the seam.


I did the same thing I always do on zippers, which is stitch across the zipper tape. BurdaStyle says to sew a little piece of fabric on, which I suppose would be a little nicer, but I’ve always done it this way and it’s faster. I do wonder if it’s bad for my needle…Any thoughts on this?

yes, it’s going to be that kind of post

I finished my pink A-line skirt! I’m not doing a photo shoot of it yet,
because the first day I wore it I spilled black paint on it.

Ha ha ha ha ha.


So that’s getting a nice long pre-soak.

In the meantime, I made a bow belt. It’s not as big/overstated as I would have liked, but I used the fabric I had left. The good news is, I think it will cover up the skirt waistline, which I made just a little too big so it gapes a little. (Not intentional.)

I’ve also purchased this pattern:


I’m going to make a slip that is specifically meant to peek out underneath A-line skirt hemlines. I’m going to make this pattern using two layers of sheer fabric (actually, a pair of sheer curtain panels we had in our bedroom in our old condo). I might give it an elastic waistline instead of the waistline specified in the pattern, just so it feels more like a slip.

On the other hand, if I gave it a proper hemline, I could get away with wearing it over other things, like leggings (would that look weird?) or other skirts.

Hm…that might be a winning idea, especially since I took this picture in Italy:


I can’t decide if I like it.
Fashion people, or generally opinionated people, I need your opinions!
What do you think of these sheer maxi/midi skirts over mini skirts?

sheer maxi skirts

I’ve never seen them look as good on real people as they do on these runway models. (Oh, the power of a great walk!) It’s like the skirt can’t decide–or maybe the person wearing it couldn’t decide. “Should I wear a mini skirt today, or a maxi? I know! How ’bout both!” Here in Seattle I tend to wear clothes that are oriented with the weather. What does this skirt combo say about the weather? “It was too cold to wear a mini skirt today, but too warm to wear a maxi.” Somewhere in the world there is the perfect climate for this type of skirt, but I’m beginning to convince myself that No, I do not want a sheer-maxi-over-mini combo.

So, a slip it shall be! With an elastic waistband. Update as of 7/23: I have decided to make it with a real waistband, just so I can use it as an outer skirt if I ever wish. Fickle!

See that? How decisions are made around here?
I talk around in a big circle until I arrive back at the exact spot I started–but now I feel confident I’ve explored the other options and that Yes, I did indeed pick the best one.

This drives my husband insane. Especially when we’re shopping.

ME: “I love that dress so much.”
HUBBY: “You should get it.”
ME: “I think I will, but first let me look at (and touch) every single other item in the store so I can be sure I’ve checked all the other options.”