work begins with music

What I’ve been listening to while I work…

thread in basket


thread dangling from basket
wafting gently on draft
(or was it drafting?)

st. mark’s & mathilda


jigsaw puzzle
like sand mandala
(created then whooshed away on a breath)
pieced then hand-swept across coffee table
into cardboard box

striped cat agrees

a work in progress: dusty pink ostrich feather collar


Not sure what to pair this with yet…


Dusty pink ostrich feathers
Ruffled collar

We shall wait and see.

petal pink and lavender scarf with hand-dyed silk ribbons


About 11 years ago,
my hubby gave me this scarf and a matching knit cap,
from a vendor inside Pike Place Market.
I wish I could remember the source.
They were made in beautiful colors.
Ribbon from what looks like hand-dyed silk strips.
The silk flutters in a breeze.

The scarf is the perfect length
to wrap loosely or a few times snugly on cold days.


Over the years, silk ribbons have fallen off or torn,
so I sat down in a sunny window one morning recently
and re-stitched the ribbons.
All I had was this purple,
which didn’t match exactly
and that’s why it’s perfect.

With some trepidation,
I threw the newly-stitched scarf into the washing machine on delicate.
It held up!

I look forward to another 11 years out of this simple scarf.

prepping for trunk show


big project
clothes everywhere
job + hobby =

would anyone like to paint a skirt?


Finished the 3/4-sized Skirt
from Sewing Techniques class!

It doesn’t look like much,
because we used muslin,
but I think it would make a great canvas for painting.


Zipper and interfaced waistband


Dart thread-tails
I typically stitch in red on muslin.
It’s easier to see, and it’s a little splashier.
I like splashy.


Hem with bias-binding


Tiny hem stitches

3/4-sized, so it will only fit a child/pre-teen.

I think it would make a cool canvas for painting.

Would anyone like to paint a skirt?

I would send it to you in the mail,
you would paint it,
and send me a photo of it so I can social-mediatize it.

Leave a note for me if you’re interested.
First come, first served.

microtus pennsylvanicus


Last shot from Fantastic Mr. Fox, I promise,
but I had to post this little cutie.
He’s a tailor!
Look at his wee tape measure and pin-cushion!

buildings and structures in wes anderson’s ‘fantastic mr. fox’


I love the shoe-forms on the wall.
These set-pieces from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox
fuel my lifelong obsession with miniatures.
(It probably started with my dad’s and grandpa’s train layouts.)


A pink bakery, similar to the pink chocolatier in The Grand Budapest Hotel.
I admire a man who uses pink.
Pink takes courage, a bit of audicity.
It’s a declaration:
“I’m going to have some fun now.”
Pink is a spoonful of sugar.
Who doesn’t want sugar?!


Striped washing machines!
Very 70’s color palette.
A little lonely.


Cut-away interior shots, one of my favorite Anderson signatures.
My sisters and I had two dollhouses when we were kids.
One was from a garage sale.
The other my dad built for us.
They were constantly a work in progress.
I tweaked the decor obsessively.


Impromptu yoga class with the children;
chased underground.
Mother paints disaster scenarios.