Backdrop idea


Disguise exhibit at Seattle Art Museum

the wolfborn wedding


My sister (3/4) got married!
I got to do the decorations.
Although I kept the budget small,
I had lots of time,
so I was able to make or prepare most of it DIY-style.

These buttons in a Mason jar (used as a paperweight for chili-dog baskets)
are just some of the vintage buttons my mom gave me recently.
They’ve already come in handy a few times.



…at the bottom of flower jars/vases, to punch up their color.


The color palette was varied blues (even a little lavender-y blue) and pale yellow,
inspired by wildflowers.

I went on a scavenger hunt through my home looking for props/decorations
to provide pops of color or touches of luxury.

I always love table lamps in unconventional spots.

The popcorn was my sister’s idea!


The wedding was held in the clubroom of our condo building
(where I held my trunk show!)
for a very low rental fee and a none-too-shabby view.

My sister didn’t have any particular request for a place to stand during the ceremony,
since the ceremony would be very short and casual,
so I rigged up a casual easy one:
a garland made of fabric scraps,
draped over open French doors.



Over the bar, my hubby and sister (4/4) strung up two paper stars I used to have hanging in my classroom.
My mom did all the tabling.


I made my sister’s saltwater pearl necklace and bracelet out of strands knotted at the ends
with hand-dyed blue cotton hand-torn ‘ribbon,’
edge-stitched in navy blue for a home-spun feel,
inspired by the wildflower theme
and my sister’s rustic Mason jar and burlap fabric Pins.


I whipped up a pocket square for my soon-to-be brother-in-law Josh;
I found the fabric in my stash and it just so happened to match perfectly!


My sister (2/4) and her fiance tended the bar
better than any wedding bar I’ve ever been to.
In the blur, I remember mangled berries and mint.

It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and I wish tons more beautiful things for my sister and my new brother-in-law.

CUP & PENNY’s first trunk show

CUP & PENNY’s first trunk show (ever!) happened in April.
I’m just now processing beautiful photos
taken by fashion academy classmate and Friend Extraordinaire, Samantha.


Prepping for the show (a few intense weeks!)


My former team-teacher Alex is wearing two CUP & PENNY braided-calico wrap bracelets.


Samantha did all the merchandising for the show; isn’t she amazing?!

013 (2)

More of Samantha’s merchandising handiwork,
with new CUP & PENNY business cards on display,
cotton paisley neckties
and photo-frame greeting cards.


CUP & PENNY black/white photography envelopes in large bowl with buttons scattered


I decorated with two dozen pink tulips fresh from Pike Place Market,
and poured a handful of vintage buttons in the bottom of each jar.


We set out an array of treats and tea.
The event was hosted in the clubroom of our condo building, for a low rental
which kept the cost of the show low.


Fortunate little coincidences kept happening leading up to the Trunk Show;
hubby found a garment rack for a bargain on his work’s list-serve!


The devil was in the details:
it’s one thing to make all these items;
figuring out how to package and display each of them was almost as big a task!
It required a totally different kind of creativity.
Next time, I will start that whole process two weeks earlier.


What helped me relax a little for this first Trunk Show was that I was surrounded by friends and family
who’ve been nothing but encouraging, supportive, and kind.

040 (2)

Vicky’s Vintage Buttons were also on display!
These are not even half of the beautiful vintage buttons my mom gave me a year back.
(You will be seeing them again on any/all future garments involving buttons.)


In the end, I made a list of things I’d do differently next time (of course there were a million),
but ultimately the show was even more successful than I hoped for!
I am still working like a busy little bee on custom work for clients who attended the Trunk Show.
It was a fabulous learning experience, and I will definitely host one again.

Door in Belltown.


work begins with music

What I’ve been listening to while I work…

thread in basket


thread dangling from basket
wafting gently on draft
(or was it drafting?)

st. mark’s & mathilda


jigsaw puzzle
like sand mandala
(created then whooshed away on a breath)
pieced then hand-swept across coffee table
into cardboard box

striped cat agrees

a work in progress: dusty pink ostrich feather collar


Not sure what to pair this with yet…


Dusty pink ostrich feathers
Ruffled collar

We shall wait and see.