sister winter

“Sister Winter”
by Sufjan Stevens


¬†Oh my friends I’ve
Begun to worry right
Where I should be grateful
I should be satisfied


Oh my heart I
Would clap and dance in place
With my friends I have so
Much pleasure to embrace


But my heart is
Returned to sister winter
But my heart is
As cold as ice


Oh my thoughts I
Return to summer time
When I kissed your ankle
I kissed you through the night


All my gifts I gave everything to you
Your strange imagination
You threw it all away


Now my heart is
Returned to sister winter
Now my heart is
As cold as ice


All my friends, I’ve
Returned to sister winter
All my friends, I
Apologise, apologise


Holy motherload


These wooden hangers were being thrown out by a neighbor.
They’ll be perfect for photo shoots of garments.



Well, hello, gorgeous.

I was recently invited to a trunk show at
Chalet in the Woods,
a lovely destination boutique in Gig Harbor.

This vibrant cardigan was on display,
as well as other designs from the Spring 2015 collection by
a textile company based in Norway.

Thank you to Naomi and Laura of Chalet in the Woods,
whose warmth and generosity made me feel at home,
and gave me a new direction.

What inspires me about this garment:
1. The colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I want to make a housecoat.
3. It’s a gorgeous take on Scandinavian tradition, but it also does something bold and new.

An unexpected gift


Are these not adorable?

Made in Sweden,
by Bengt & Lotta.

Found them at Chalet in the Woods,
in Gig Harbor, WA.

Clever idea from trove boutique


It’s a cufflink holder!